Lost in... transduction!?

A lot of people have asked me why I choose to call this business of mine Lost In Transduction. Certainly, my intent isn't to... lose things, right? No. To me, the name relates to the feeling I've had ever since I first became totally enamored with the properties and practices of sound reproduction. In a sense, I've always felt lost in it all. I mean... I'm about ten years in and, at times, I still feel like I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. I'm not lost in a scary, Are You My Mother? kinda way, mind you. More like an Alice In Wonderland, I've gotten lost inside the comfy, warm blanket and can't find my way out kind of way.

And that brings me to this blog. My intent is for this to be a space to explore my lostness. A sort of scratch pad. Indiana Jone's Dad's notebook if you will. A place to share things I'm excited about, things I'm confused by and everything in between. My hope is that some of you will likewise become lost and we can then be lost together.

Hope you enjoy!

Collin, Berlin 1963

Collin Warren