Location: I offer online mastering and attended mastering sessions at studios throughout DC, MD and VA. Contact me to discuss which option is best for your project..

What I do: Mastering is the process of taking a final mix, or a collection of mixes, and preparing them for the medium in which they will be distributed to the public. Sometimes these mixes come to me as stereo files and/or stems. Historically, mastering was largely a technical practice: it ensured that the final mixes would not exceed the physical limitations of playback mediums such as vinyl, CD, Cassette, etc. As digital mediums gained prevalence, mastering evolved into a process that is now as much aesthetic as it is technical. However, mastering remains a crucial final step in music production. Like mixing, mastering will often include EQ and dynamics processing, as well as more specialized forms of audio repair and/or enhancement. Finally, when the master is ready from an audio standpoint, I will author the final files or physical masters, complete with all requested metadata, such as artists names, song titles, ISRC codes, etc.

Pricing: I currently offer a flat-rate of $50/song for unattended sessions. For attended sessions, time is billed hourly, generally with a four hour minimum. If interested in booking an attended session, please contact me to discuss which location will best accommodate your project.