Location: I offer online mastering and attended mastering sessions at studios throughout DC, MD and VA. Contact me to discuss which option is best for your project..

What I do: Mastering is the process of taking the final mix of a song, or a collection of songs, and preparing them for the medium in which they will be distributed to the public. This could be digital files for download or streaming or physical mediums such as CD or vinyl. Sometimes these mixes come to me as stereo files and/or stems. Like mixing, mastering will often include EQ and dynamics processing, as well as more specialized forms of audio repair and/or enhancement. Finally, when the master is ready from an audio standpoint, I will author the final files or physical masters, complete with all requested metadata, such as artists names, song titles, ISRC codes, etc.

Pricing: I currently offer a flat-rate of $45/song for unattended sessions. For attended sessions, time is billed hourly, generally with a four hour minimum. If interested in booking an attended session, please contact me to discuss which location will best accommodate your project.