Location: I offer online and attended mix sessions at studios throughout DC, MD and VA. Contact me to discuss which option is best for your project.

What I do: Mixing is the work of taking a multi-track recording, enhancing it by editing and processing each individual track and then summing (or ‘mixing’) those tracks down to a stereo master. Mixing involves applying EQ, compression, reverb, etc to individual instrument and vocal tracks, as well as editing tasks such as compiling multiple takes, removing or muting unnecessary pieces and writing volume and other types of automation to create the final mix.

Pricing: To receive a quote for your project, please shoot me an email or give me a call. In general, I recommend budgeting 4 hours to mix a single song. However, the best way for me to give you an accurate quote is for me to hear what you’re working on and have a conversation with you about it. I assure you, there is no pressure here. If after we chat, you decide to go a different route with your project— we can still be friends. Likewise, I always do my best to accommodate a project’s goals and budget if possible. Let’s chat!