Location: For studio recording, I hold residencies at several studios throughout DC, MD and VA. In addition, I offer full service remote recording for concerts, live events and other location specific projects. Let’s discuss which location is best for your project.

What I do: Recording is the art and science of capturing your best possible performance with the best possible quality. To do so, I utilize the finest microphones, preamps and signal processors available, as well as my 15+ years experience as a recording engineer. In addition to the technical side, it’s also my job to make sure that you’re in an environment where you can give your best performance. This means ensuring that you and your fellow musicians can hear and see each other and that the environment is comfortable and free from interruptions.

Pricing: To receive a quote for your project, please shoot me an email or give me a call. Studio sessions are typically booked in 4 or 8 hour blocks. Remote recording is typically booked by the hour, with flat project rates available. As always, the best way for me to give you an accurate quote is for me to hear from you what your project requires.