"I was extremely pleased with the way my songs turned out. Collin was able to mix the songs quickly, and get me a rough draft to listen to for feedback. He was very receptive to any notes or ideas that I had, and implemented them to see what they sounded like. In fact, the songs are such high-quality that they were picked up to be played on several national TV shows. I highly recommend Collin for any of you recording or mixing needs."

Peter Crable | Soul Witness

When we had to record a full song in one night for a high-stakes project, we knew Collin was our guy. Collin brought a boatload of equipment and was careful to match each of our desires to the appropriate equipment, never cutting corners. He helped us achieve our ideal recording setup by tracking the rhythm section with scratch vocals and then overdubbing parts til we were satisfied. He made sure we walked away with a quality set of tracks. The drums especially came out impeccably. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Asher Meerovich | Tomato Dodgers

"I've worked with Collin as a location recordist, post-production mixer/editor and composer for numerous pieces that I've produced in the studio and the field. His range of skills in audio production is deep. He is an excellent coach of live talent and has rescued many projects in post by repairing and enhancing problematic audio sources. His responsiveness and positivity make him someone I return to regularly and I'd happily recommend his work to anyone."

Kenneth Edward Piner | Director

"I contacted Collin upon a strong recommendation from Bias Recording Studios. I needed a recording engineer for an on-location video shoot with a full jazz band and he was the only person they said they could recommend. Collin was a dream to work with from start to finish. On the day of the shoot, Collin was the first person to arrive. Setup, soundcheck and the entire shoot were a breeze. Throughout the day, Collin was assuring and professional. We received the mixes on a tight deadline, despite his extremely busy schedule. We couldn't have been happier with Collin- he's a true gem. I'll be recommending him and won't do any upcoming projects without him."

Kyung Leblanc | Sage String Quartet



"When I needed a song composed for a product release, Collin was the first person that popped into my head. He did thorough research on our project. He was also fast to respond. But what really blew me away was the end product. Collin wrote, performed, recorded, and arranged a song that was 100% perfect for our project. I've seen people pay 10x as much as we did and not get results like this. Whether you need music composed or music recorded this is your guy. He works hard, hits his deadlines, but most important - he's just ridiculously good."

Dustin Lee | Retro Supply Co.