Recording: Recording is the art and science of capturing your best performance with the best quality. To do this, I utilize the finest microphones, preamps and signal processors available. I also make sure that you’re in an environment where you can give your best performance. This means ensuring that you and your fellow musicians can hear and see each other and that the environment is comfortable and free from interruptions.

Mixing: Mixing is the act of turning a multi-track recording into a stereo or surround mix. Mixing typically involves applying EQ, compression, reverb and other special effects to instrument and vocal tracks. It also includes editing tasks such as compiling multiple takes, removing or muting unnecessary pieces and writing volume and other types of automation to create a final mix that is dynamic and emotive.

Mastering: Mastering is the process of taking the final mix of a song, or collection of songs, and preparing them for the medium(s) in which they will be distributed. This could be for digital mediums, such as download or streaming, and/or physical mediums such as CD, vinyl or cassette. This process includes sequencing the songs and matching them for loudness and tonality. Like mixing, mastering often includes EQ and dynamics processing, as well as more specialized forms of audio repair and/or enhancement. When the master is ready, I will author final files or physical masters, complete with metadata such as artists names, song titles, ISRC codes, etc.

Locations: I mix and master records online and in-person at my home studio in DC’s Brookland neighborhood. For studio recording, I hold residencies at several rooms throughout DC, MD and VA. In addition, I offer full service remote recording for concerts, live events and other location specific projects. Let’s discuss what is best for your project.

Questions? Shoot me an email. I’m a huge nerd and I love to talk about this stuff.