Sunday Record Club

4hrs. 16 tracks. No overdubs. 

How Does it Work:

Sunday Record Club is a deeply discounted mobile music recording service for bands, solo artists and everything in-between. We come to your house/rehearsal space/etc with top of the line recording gear, record you performing your music and leave you with high quality sound files of your performance to share with the world.


Did you know that The Beatles recorded Please Please Me in 13 hours? Black Sabbath was recorded in a single day. Nick Drake's Pink Moon was done in just two nights. In an era where technology affords us endless opportunities to tweak, correct and replace-- the aim of Sunday Record Club is to provide you with an affordable, simplified way to capture your authentic performances with the highest quality.

What We Provide:

  • Expert Audio Engineer(s)
  • 16 channels of the best mic preamps and A/D converters in existence
  • Mics & DI's
  • Cables and Stands

What You Provide:

  • Yourself & your wonderful music
  • Your instrument(s), amp(s) and anything else you need to perform
  • Your space (we suggest the spot where you typically rehearse)
  • Storage medium for your session files 

What You Get:

At the end of your session, you will have:

  • A live stereo mix of your entire session (hi-res)
  • Mulit-track files of your entire session (hi-res)

Session Format:

  • Time/Day: Sundays, between the hours of 10a-6p
  • Length: 4hrs of recording time (30 min of A/V setup free)
  • Location: Anywhere within the 495 beltway. (We are happy to discuss exceptions to this, however, additional fees may apply.)

What Does It Cost:


If you have any questions we haven't covered here, please call/text/email Collin. He's super nice.